Some frequently asked questions.

Q:How much will it cost?

A:Depending on the disease condition and area (region), the surgical procedure will be around 80,000 to 500,000 JPY.
The use of materials like artificial skin grafts and very thin sutures or other special material may be necessary.

Q:How long will the surgery take?

A:In most cases, about an hour to 2 hours. If there are multiple areas that need to be treated, it will take more time. It is a very elegant and delicate surgery so it takes time.

Q:Will it hurt?

A:We will use anesthesia so it will not hurt. We will instruct you the post-op caveats.

Q:How will it heal after the treatment?

A:The exposed roots will be covered with tissue graft so the color and shape will appear very natural. However, depending on the condition and the surrounding tissue structures, there maybe limited treatment options.

Q:Should I get treatment for the exposed roots due to gingival recession?

A:Yes, it will be necessary and strongly recommended in order to maintain the healthy teeth. Also the appearance will be more beautiful and your teeth will be less sensitive.

Q:What is the success rate of gingival recession treatment?

A:It depends on the type of progression but in general it is very high.
If it is treated earlier in the onset of the disease, it will be much easier to control the disease progression.
If you wait too long, it may be too late for treatment and you may lose the affected teeth.

Please feel free to consult with Dr.Kasumi, a US trained periodontal specialist if you have any other questions or concerns.